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Some Take Massive Risks To Save Syria's Cultural Heritage

Reporter James Harkin traveled through war-torn Syria to witness how many historical treasures were destroyed - and how some people are scrambling to save what's left.

'Spotlight' Wins Best Picture At 2016 Academy Awards

Mad Max: Fury Road just about swept the early categories, but it was Spotlight that ultimately took home the top prize. From open to close, NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour crew tweeted all the action.

Health Quality An Issue For Poor, 2 Years Into Obamacare, Poll Finds

People are relatively satisfied with the health care they receive, the new poll finds. But low-income Americans are more likely to say the quality of health care they get is only fair to poor.

For Some Trump Supporters, KKK Questions Are 'Overblown'

As he campaigns through southern states in advance of Super Tuesday, Donald Trump has downplayed the endorsement of former KKK leader David Duke.

When Should A Judge Recuse Himself? Supreme Court Weighs The Question

Did a state Supreme Court justice violate the U.S. Constitution when he ruled in a death penalty case he'd been involved with as a prosecutor? That's the case before the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday.

Puerto Rico Races To Stop Zika's Mosquitoes Before Rains Begin

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is an old foe, spreading yellow fever and dengue on the islands long before Zika gained a foothold. How do you stop an insect that can breed in a teaspoonful of stale water?

Many Dislike Health Care System But Are Pleased With Their Own Care

An NPR poll finds that many people have a low opinion of the health care system, yet they like their doctors. The perception of quality of care varies according to income.

A History Of Super Tuesday

The biggest day of the primary season began in the mid-to-late 1980s when Southern Democrats pushed their states to move up to try and stop what they saw as liberal candidates who couldn't win.

Herring Headache: The Big Obstacles To Eating Small Fish In California

Chefs and environmentalists have been promoting the benefits of eating fish lower down the food chain. But San Francisco's herring fishery shows some of the challenges to spreading that message.

'Salt Into The Wound': Why Anohni Is Skipping The Oscars

The singer and lyricist and the first transgender performer ever nominated for an Oscar has written that the truth about her exclusion from the ceremony is "impossible to ignore."