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Supreme Court Says Locals Can Make Pill-Makers Pay For Drug Disposal

The court decision means companies are on the hook for helping at least some consumers in California safely dispose of leftover pills and other medicine. Similar measures are in the works elsewhere.

5 Things You Should Know About Rick Santorum

The former Pennsylvania senator is getting in the race for president again. Here's a reminder of who he is.

Santorum Hopes To Catch Lightning In A Bottle A Second Time

The former Pennsylvania senator, who won Iowa in 2012, hopes he can do it again. But with a more crowded field, he might find it difficult to stand out.

Nebraska Governor Vetoes Bill That Repealed Death Penalty

The move sets up a showdown Wednesday with lawmakers in the state's unicameral legislature. A close vote is expected as lawmakers try to override the veto.

Dispute Among MLK Children Heads To Mediation

A legal battle over the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s traveling Bible and 1964 Nobel Peace Prize is headed for court-ordered mediation.

The Time Warner Cable-Charter Merger: A Sci-Tech Now Q & A

Wall Street watchers and the technology industry came back from the long holiday weekend to face another proposed blockbuster merger..but this one involves a familiar takeover target.

Casa Ruby Is A 'Chosen Family' For Trans People Who Need A Home

After becoming homeless and jobless following her transition to being a woman, Ruby Corado got her act together, and now helps others facing similar challenges. "We have a family here," she says.

Test Of '1 Person, 1 Vote' Heads To The Supreme Court

Analysts have noted that dividing districts based on eligible voters rather than total population would tend to shift representative power to localities with fewer children and fewer immigrants.

What Will The Next President Face On #Day1?

This week, NPR looks at four seemingly intractable problems that await the 45th president: stagnant wages, violent extremism, cybersecurity and the federal debt.

Sailor Pleads Guilty To Recording Female Officers On Georgia-Based Sub

A Navy submarine sailor has been sentenced to two years in a military prison for illegally making and trading videos of female officers undressing for the shower.