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Looking To Win Votes? Change Your (Chinese) Name

Some California politicians are making sure the Chinese translations of their names on the ballot mean something positive and that has at least one state senator steamed.

Hyundai's Rivals Better Prepare For A Bumpy Night

The big winner in the auto industry in the last few months has been the Korean automaker Hyundai. Last month, while car sales stalled, Hyundai had its biggest month ever. Analysts point to Hyundai's success as a sign of the increasingly competitive nature of the U.S. car market.

Music Industry's Blessing Lifts Hopes For iCloud

Apple is introducing a new music service on Monday. It's called iCloud, and all indications are that, for the first time, the major record labels and music publishers have gotten behind a service that will let you access your entire iTunes collection from almost any Internet-connected device.

Thomas Jefferson And The Cha Cha Slide

The nation's third President once said, "The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits." Would he have supported a court ruling that restrains citizens from pursuing dancing at his memorial?

Your Health Podcast: A Nutritious Plate And Foreign Accent Syndrome

This week we talk about a new symbol for healthy meals that will replace the food pyramid and the World Health Organization's decision to list cellphones as a possible carcinogen.

Ga Lottery to Redo Cash 4 Drawing

Let's try that again. Georgia Lottery officials announced a do-over of Friday’s midday Cash 4 drawing after a ball machine malfunctioned during the live drawing.

U.S.: To Resolve Conflict, Yemen's President Must Go

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was blunt this week, saying the conflict in Yemen won't end unless the country's president steps aside. Analysts note that Yemen's already unstable economy will worsen the longer the situation lasts and could lead to a refugee crisis if violence spreads.

Around The Classical Internet: June 3, 2011

Ongoing challenges at New York City Opera, a retired soprano takes on a pop megastar and medical patients get music made to order.

Court Lifts Ban On Prayer At Texas High School Graduation

Earlier in the week, a federal judge had ordered a Texas school district to prohibit students from asking the audience to join in prayer. Texas Governor Rick Perry called the ruling "reprehensible." Today, a federal appeals court reversed the ruling.

Stunning: A Solar Eclipse At Midnight

During the Arctic summer, the sun never sets. This past Wednesday, people in the far northern latitudes saw something rather rare: A solar eclipse in middle of the night.