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Some States Want Medical Spending Minimums For Insurers Relaxed

Consumers in nine states expect to receive millions in rebates from their health insurers on this year's premiums because insurers did not hit a spending target for medical care. But consumer advocates say most insurers should be able to meet the spending rule.

GOP Lawmakers Push For Stricter Abortion Laws

New Republican legislators in many states have made abortion a top priority. A new South Dakota law requires an unprecedented 72-hour waiting period before an abortion and several states are debating bills to ban abortion at 20 weeks. But opponents are challenging the laws in court, calling them unconstitutional.

Indiana Bill Would Slash Planned Parenthood Funding

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, a possible Republican presidential candidate, is expected soon to sign a bill that would strip Planned Parenthood of government funding. The group says the move would prevent 22,000 Hoosier women from accessing it without paying out of pocket.

Federal Judge Acquits Ex-Glaxo Lawyer Before Defense Even Starts

The federal government alleged that Lauren Stevens, once an in-house lawyer, had obstructed an Food and Drug Administration investigation into Glaxo's marketing of the antidepressant Wellbutrin as a weight-loss aid. A federal judge acquitted her before the defense called a witness.

Ahmadinejad Seen As Loser In Iranian Power Struggle

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fired Iran's intelligence minister, Heydar Moslehi. But he was reinstated by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, provoking a protest from the president. Charges of sorcery and black magic have arisen in the political power battle that followed.

Senators Grill Phone Execs On Mobile Privacy

Apple and Google representatives told a Senate Judiciary subcommittee that they give iPhone and Android users control over information that pinpoints their location. Privacy activists had complained the phones stored tracking data that could be exploited by third parties, such as stalkers.

FBI Makes Arrest In Decades-Old $7M Robbery Case

The FBI said Norberto Gonzlez Claudio took part in the $7 million heist of a Wells Fargo truck.

Study Predicts Dog Diseases By Breed

A new University of Georgia study has proved for the first time that smaller dogs live longer than larger ones. The research has also determined the main cause of death for each dog breed.

Immigration Law Could Change Crops

Governor Nathan Deal says he will soon sign stricter immigration rules into law. Some agriculture experts say it may change what crops the state produces.

'No Way Out' For Syrian Regime, Prominent Dissident Says

President Bashar Assad and his supporters "must accept a political change" that leads to a multi-party form of government, says writer Yassin Haj Saleh, who was kept in prison by the regime for 16 years. Syria's people, he says, will accept no less.