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Ethics Committee Votes 9-1 To Censure Rangel

The House ethics committee has agreed with the recommendation of its chief counsel that Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) be censured for violating House rules.

The Reinvention Of Calif.'s New And Former Governor

In California, former Gov. Jerry Brown, 72, is preparing to return to the job he left 28 years ago. After his first stint in the governor's office and three failed presidential bids, Brown took a new approach: immersing himself in the nuts and bolts of running a big city as mayor of Oakland.

Nancy Pelosi: Just How Unpopular Is She?

Nancy Pelosi's negatives place her in the neighborhood of the unpopular Tom DeLay and John Edwards, according to Nate Silver of the FiveThirtyEight blog. That's fairly shocking for an active party leader.

RIP, Target: The Afghan Hero Dog's Fairy Tale Ends In Tragedy

Target saved the lives of American soldiers and ended up on Oprah but a happy ending was not to be.

Mortgage Investors Face Hurdles In Recouping Losses

The nation's biggest banks could face billions of dollars in claims from investors in mortgage-backed securities. Pension funds, mutual funds and others want the banks to take back bad loans. But investors still face a number of legal obstacles.

For Al-Qaida In Yemen, Targeting U.S. Is Personal

Al-Qaida's arm in Yemen, known as AQAP, seems motivated beyond the usual al-Qaida grievances of U.S. soldiers in Muslim lands, or America's foreign policy. For AQAP, its more personal, analysts say, in part because many of its operatives are former Guantanamo detainees.

New Law Needs Fix

When state lawmakers return to the capitol in January, they will need to fix a law in order to validate an amendment approved by voters. They say an oversight could cause confusion.

Touring Memory Lane Inside The Brain

Scientists have created a video from a sliver of a mouse brain that shows different kinds of synapses in different colors. Eventually, they hope to be able to map changes in synapses when people learn a new skill.

NATO Leaders To Define A New Mission

President Obama and other leaders open a two-day summit Friday in Lisbon, where the alliance is expected to adopt the first major changes in its security posture since the 2001 terrorist attacks. But NATO still needs some convincing about the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan.

GM Has Potholes To Avoid On Road To Recovery

Industry observers say the automaker needs to show that it has conquered its history of inconsistent products that has triggered boom-bust cycles in the past.