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Weekend's Christmas Snow Tapers Off

Areas of extreme north Georgia are getting another light dusting of snow again this morning. And officially, there’s a winter weather advisory in place for far northeast Georgia until noon.

After Deepening, Georgia Wants New Port

Savannah harbor deepening is first and foremost among legislative concerns for Georgia's coastal delegation. But there's another port-related project coming up behind harbor deepening that supporters hope lawmakers take up. It's a new Savannah River seaport that is to be jointly run with South Carolina in that state's Jasper County.

Light Rail Transforming Cities, Guiding Development

There are 35 light rail systems operating in the U.S. today. At least 13metro areas are currently building others, and many more are being planned. Cities see light rail as a way to reshape their development.

The Year In Health Care Policy: A Topsy-Turvy Ride

From its dramatic passage to efforts to repeal it or have it declared unconstitutional, the most sweeping change to federal health law in more than 40 years roiled the nation's politics in 2010. It promises to continue to do so into 2011.

When Does Moderate Drinking Become A Problem?

Some drinkers consume more than what's considered safe, but less than what's considered risky -- what researchers call the "gray zone" of alcohol consumption. Studying this gray zone of drinking may explain who's at risk for problems and who's not.

Parenting Style Plays Key Role In Teen Drinking

Friends play a big role in a teen's decision to take that first drink. But researchers at Brigham Young University have found that teenagers who grow up with parents who are either too strict or too indulgent tend to binge drink more than their peers.

The Robe Seems To Suit New Justice Kagan

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, the first judicial appointee in 40 years with no priorexperience on the bench, seems to be settling into her new job with remarkable ease. Sitting at the far end of the Supreme Court bench in the junior justice's seat, Kagan looks cheerful, calm and content.

Foreclosures Still Dragging Down Housing, Economy

Home sales, home prices and home building remain depressed -- just as they were at the start of the year. Part of the problem is the ongoing foreclosure crisis. Government efforts to help homeowners like Debra Dahlmer of Gloucester, Mass., get loan modifications haven't lived up to expectations.

This Congress Did A Lot, But What's Next?

From health care reform to "don't ask, don't tell," the 111th Congress got a lot done -- it's been the most productive session since the 1960s. But how much of that legislation will survive the new Congress?

Small Beetles Massacre The Rockies' Whitebark Pines

What were lush forests only a few years ago are now eerie stands of red and gray snags. Warmer temperatures have allowed voracious mountain pine beetles to thrive -- and ravage the Northern Rockies' whitebark forests. And that threatens other organisms in the ecosystem, too.