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Truck Crash Releases 14 Million Angry Bees, And Honey, On Highway

Near Island Park, Idaho, 14 million bees went berserk after a semi wrecked on a highway Sunday. The truck was carrying more than 400 hives; crews finished cleaning what's been called a river of honey off the road late Monday.

What The 'New Normal' Means For Americans

What exactly does it mean to be living in an economy with 2 percent growth instead of 3 percent growth? We can look forward to an even higher unemployment rate, smaller incomes and increasing government budget issues.

Libyan Rebels, Regime Put Attention On Gharyan

Gharyan, just 55 miles south of Tripoli, is a prime objective of rebels in the country's western mountains. The government says the city is firmly on the side of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, but many residents have reportedly left, and the real extent of government support is unclear.

State Dogged By Lingering Drought

Most of central and North Georgia will be under a heat advisory until Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service. While the extreme heat is a nuisance, the larger problem is the drought.

Toyo Tires Will Expand

Toyo Tires in Bartow County will be expanding. On Tuesday, company officials joined Governor Nathan Deal to sign a deal expanding Bartow County’s bonding capacity by nearly a billion dollars.

Police Release Batch Of Complaints From Michele Bachmann, Staff

Newly released police reports detail episodes in which Rep. Michele Bachmann and her staff asked police to investigate, or to provide protection. The complaints include the theft of campaign yard signs, and the Bachmanns' house being "substantially egged" for the second time.

Sherwood Schwartz, Creator Of 'Brady Bunch' And 'Gilligan's Island', Has Died

Schwartz not only created The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island, but he also wrote the undeniably hummable theme songs. In an interview, Schwartz said he would like to be remembered as man who tried to explain that people of all walks of life have to get along.

Georgia Nets Green Jobs

A $300,000 federal grant is going to an Atlanta organization to help train low-income residents for jobs and careers connected to the environment. It’s the latest government money headed to Georgia with hopes of spurring development in the green industry.

Record Drug Shortages Strain Hospitals' Ability To Cope

Last year was the worst ever for drug shortages at the nation's hospitals, according to a nationwide survey. Shortages have led to delays in patient care and made pharmacists scramble to find alternatives.

Hope: A Precious Commodity In This Job Market

In the months since Randy Howland, 51, was first hired as a customer service representative, his excitement of having a job has turned to defeat. As part of the Road Back to Work series, we catch up with Howland as he prepares for a job interview for a position he hopes will be better.