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Peace Talks With Taliban? Depends On Whom You Ask

When Afghan President Hamid Karzai said he holding talks with Taliban leaders this week, his spokesman was quick to clarify the remarks: talks about talks, not actual "talks." The Taliban altogether denied it. There's an underlying issue of trust -- the government broke promises to protect insurgents who laid down their arms. Still, a council was formed to facilitate formal talks.

Mich. Race Shows It's Not RIP For GOP Moderates

Despite the political obituaries that keep popping up, the Republican moderate hasn't disappeared from the midterm scene. In Michigan, GOP governor candidate Rick Snyder appears to have the lead, despite keeping the Tea Party at arm's length.

Coming Face To Face With The President

The White House says the president enjoys backyard sessions because they give him a chance to talk directly with people. Three men who have met the president at such events -- a Catholic priest, a veteran's son and a small-business owner -- share their experience.

China May Regret Pushing For The G20

Finance ministers from the G20 are meeting in Seoul this weekend. At the top of their agenda: growing tensions over how countries use their currencies to gain advantage in global markets.

NPR's Firing of Juan Williams Was Poorly Handled

After a decade with NPR, the network terminated news analyst Juan Williams for remarks he made about Muslims on Fox News. Dozens complained; NPR listened.

Grainy Season: Engineering Drought-Resistant Wheat

Following the summer's drought in Russia that sent wheat prices skyrocketing, scientists are studying ways to make one of the world's most important crops drought-resistant. And creative genetic engineering may hold the answer.

Influence Of Israel's Leftist Peace Movement Wanes

Support for traditional left-of-center parties is slipping dramatically, according to a recent poll. And the mostly right-wing government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reflects a fundamental shift in Israeli politics.

Using Music Videos To Sell Food, And A (Heavy) Metal Cookbook

In two unlikely instances of mash-up marketing, a new hip-hop video features wholesome youths rapping about organic dairy farming. And a new cookbook is aimed at fans of heavy metal: Mosh Potatoes.

Juan Williams: NPR Went After Me Because 'I Appear On Fox'

The news analyst's contract with the network was terminated after he made comments about Muslims that news executives felt didn't live up to the network's standards. He says he was fired for telling the truth.

Afghanistan's Ban On Security Firms May Halt Rebuilding, Relief Work

The question of who will rebuild Afghanistan -- and who will guard them while they do it -- is endangering the U.S. reconstruction effort. That's the picture you get if you combine articles fromThe Washington Post and Christian Science Monitor.