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Watch Live: South Korean Lawmakers' Filibuster Is Now In Its Seventh Day

Opposition legislators have now spoken for some 150 hours straight, holding up a bill that would give new surveillance powers to South Korea's spy agency.

Denmark's New Grocer Is Selling Expired Food, And It's A Hit

Shoppers are flocking to a Copenhagen supermarket hawking perfectly edible but unsalable food items at a steep discount to the general public. It's the country's latest effort to fight food waste.

Ahead Of Super Tuesday And After A Big Loss, Sanders Lowers Expectations

In stump speeches since his loss in South Carolina, Bernie Sanders has taken shots at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. He has also seemed to temper his talk of political revolution.

How Bernie Sanders Could Win Super Tuesday ... Or Lose Really Badly

An NPR analysis finds one very rosy scenario for Sanders in which he comes out with the majority of pledged delegates. But the possible results range from Sanders plus-1 to Clinton plus-151.

36 People Killed In Coal Mine Explosions And Fire, Russia Says

The explosions, which occurred over several days, are being blamed on a buildup of methane gas. When the first one shook the mine in the Komi Republic in northwest Russia, 111 miners were underground.

#OscarsSoWhite? Not At This School

Ahead of the Oscars, school kids on Milwaukee's west side decided to pay tribute to African-American cultural icons in their own awards ceremony.

When Integrating A School, Does It Matter If You Use Class Instead Of Race?

Several recent integration efforts focus more on family income diversity as the driver of integration. The potential benefits of a diverse environment are striking, but they're not guaranteed.

Bill To Expand Medical Marijuana Passes Georgia House

The bill is a watered-down version of its original, which would have allowed for in-state cultivation.

Presidential Candidates Make A Big TV Push Before Georgia's Primary

Atlanta area are seeing a flurry of television ads, as presidential candidates make their final case to Georgians.

Why An Ebola Body Collector Will Be Watching The Oscars Tonight

Garmai Sumo is a 29-year-old mom and health worker who collected bodies of Ebola victims during the epidemic and the main character of an Oscar-nominated documentary.