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Strategies For When You're Starting Out Saddled With Student Debt

More people have more student loan debt than ever; last year, the average for a college graduate was more than $35,000. Here are some ways to set priorities for attacking that debt.

Clarence Thomas Asks 1st Question From Supreme Court Bench In 10 Years

Thomas, who hadn't asked a question since Feb. 22, 2006, drew gasps from people at the Supreme Court when he questioned a lawyer during oral arguments Monday.

On Day 3, Syria's Cessation Of Hostilities Still Largely Holding

But the main opposition umbrella groups is accusing the Syrian regime of repeatedly violating the truce. The U.N., meanwhile, is rushing to bring aid into besieged areas.

For Better Or Worse, Chris Rock Made The Oscars As Black As He Possibly Could

Despite the fact that no black actors were nominated in any high-profile categories, Academy Awards host Chris Rock kept race at the center of the event.

This Oscar-Winning Film Could Help End Honor Killings In Pakistan

Saba was shot and then thrown into a river by her own family for eloping with her lover. She survived, and now she's fighting back.

In Texas, Uneven Expansion Of Obamacare Sows Frustration

Despite the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, Texas still has 6 million uninsured people, low Medicaid reimbursement rates and narrow choices of doctors and hospitals for many who are insured.

Trump Blames 'Very Bad Earpiece' For KKK Comments

The leading Republican presidential candidate says he simply misheard an interview question and does not accept the support of white supremacists.

Detained American Student Gives Apparent Confession In North Korean Video

Appearing to weep at one point in the video, Otto Frederick Warmbier says, "Please, I've made the worst mistake of my life, but, please, act to save me."

Starbucks Plans First Store In Italy, 'With Humility And Respect'

The Milan store will be operated by Italian developer Antonio Percassi, who admits that opening a coffee shop in Italy will be "a unique challenge."

President Obama Presents Medal Of Honor To Navy SEAL Hero

For his part in an operation that rescued an American civilian in Afghanistan, Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward Byers was presented with the Medal of Honor at the White House on Monday.