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Glory Of Moscow's 80-Year-Old Subway Tainted By Stalin Connections

The system was considered a triumph by the Soviets, but was built by the same ruthless means that helped cause a famine, which killed millions in the 1930s.

If Your Doctor Leaves Your Health Plan, You Can't Easily Follow

Consumers can switch plans outside of the annual open enrollment period for some specific life changes, but generally not when a doctor falls out of the plan.

GDOT Will Clean Drains On Downtown Atlanta Freeway More Often

Georgia transportation officials say crews will clear drains along the interstate that runs through the heart of Atlanta before and after storms this week.

Google To Expand Georgia Data Center

Company officials and Governor Nathan Deal will make a formal announcement in Lithia Springs Tuesday afternoon.

Mush No More: Retirement Home Food Gets Fresh And Local

Once known for bland, institutional fare, hundreds of senior living centers across the U.S. now tout healthy meals made from scratch. Centers say this approach to food is tastier and cheaper, too.

What It's Like To Choose Transgender Sex Reassignment Surgery

There are many different ways to be transgender. For some people that includes sex reassignment surgery. A young filmmaker follows two people who made that choice through their year of transition.

The Quantified Student: An App That Predicts GPA

Researchers found that a phone's activity tracker can automatically predict students' school performance.

There Are 200 Million Fewer Hungry People Than 25 Years Ago

That's the good news. The bad news is that there are still 795 million people who don't get enough to eat and enough nutrients in their food.

It's Raining Nitrogen In A Colorado Park. Farmers Can Help Make It Stop

Scientists say too much airborne nitrogen from farms is throwing off the ecological balance of Rocky Mountain National Park. So the federal government is hoping weather alerts for farmers will help.

Supreme Court Sides With Immigrant Caught With Pills In His Sock

The court ruled Monday that a law requiring the deportation of immigrants who violate any kind of drug regulation did not justify deporting a man who was caught with Adderall in his sock.