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Thai Prime Minister Says 'Main Suspect' In Bangkok Bombing Arrested

Authorities say a second foreigner has been arrested in connection with last month's deadly bombing and that three more arrest warrants have been issued.

Despite High Court Ruling, Kentucky Clerk Denies Marriage Licenses

Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk in Kentucky, refused to issue any marriage licenses on Tuesday, saying she is waiting for the result of an appeal. Davis cited religious objections for her actions.

Illinois Police Officer Shot Dead; Manhunt Underway For 3 Suspects

A Fox Lake County police officer was killed Tuesday morning in a suburb north of Chicago. Local and federal officers are searching for the suspected killers.

Denmark Might Be Winning The Global Race To Prevent Food Waste

According to a recent report from the Danish government, Danes now throw away 25 percent less food than they did five years ago. Supermarkets are doing their part by selling older food at a discount.

Tokyo 2020 Pulls Olympic Logo, Stung By Plagiarism Charges

Belgian designer Olivier Debie first complained about the logo soon after it was unveiled in July, saying it was too similar to one he created for a theater in 2011.

For Centuries, People Have Searched For Answers In The Bottom Of A Tea Cup

The practice of reading tea leaves had its heyday during Victorian times, when fascination with the occult and self-analysis thrived. It was safer than other forms of divination and persists today.

Are Statins Bad For Me? Personalized Medicine Can't Yet Say

Statins made her feel wretched, so she took a DNA test to find out why. But even the doctor with the genetic testing company admits that the test doesn't tell you much more than you already know.

California's Prisons Will Change Solitary Confinement Rules

The state agrees to stop placing inmates in solitary confinement solely because of a gang affiliation. The changes could move more than 1,500 inmates out of solitary.

Lil Wayne In New Orleans: Hot Boys, History And Homecoming

The show was improbable and internal a roster of cameos reflecting the city's tradition of bounce music and Cash Money Records and its ringleader was a local superstar happy to share the stage.

Hungary Closes Budapest Train Station To Migrants Traveling To Western Europe

Authorities had been allowing migrants to travel without checking passports, but on Tuesday, the station was closed and migrants began protesting.