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Fan Falls From Upper Deck At Turner Field During Braves Game

Gregory K. Murrey, 60, of Alpharetta, died after falling during the seventh inning of Saturday's game into a lower-level stand

Obama Plays Defense On Climate Change Ahead Of Alaska Trip

President Obama pushed back against what some see as the irony of him expanding oil exploration while talking up climate change.

The Bloody Mary Meat Straw: An All-American Story

Bloody Marys have been around for ages, but an Iowa man has invented a way to take them to a whole new level: a straw made of meat. They've become a hit at bars, ballparks and stadiums. #America

Rio's Favelas Feel The Peace And The Pressure Of Pacification

Before hosting the World Cup, Brazil launched a program to pacify high-crime slums. The project has cut violence in some areas, but in others residents have been caught in the police crossfire.

Suspect Arrested In Killing Of Texas Deputy At Houston-Area Gas Station

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman said the Friday evening shooting was unprovoked; he has called it a "cold-blooded execution." A suspect is now in custody and facing capital murder charges.

Their Crimes Reclassified, Some Californian Felons Get A Second Chance

Approved by voters last year, Proposition 47 lets people with some nonviolent felonies petition to reduce their crimes to misdemeanors. It's giving former offenders access to better opportunities.

Kurdish Activists Camp Out Between Turkey's Army And Kurdish Fighters

As an old conflict heats up again in southeastern Turkey, the activists have staked out ground on a sunburned hillside and say they're willing to risk their own lives in order to stop the fighting.

In Lebanon, Calls For More Protests As Police Push Back Demonstrators

Bars and restaurants in Beirut closed Saturday in solidarity with anti-government protests that have grown over the last week.

What's Better For Afghanistan's Future: Buddha Tours Or A Copper Mine?

A vast archaeological site sits atop one of the world's biggest untapped copper deposits. And Afghanistan must decide which resource will be a greater boon.

Donald Trump In 9 Quotes And 200 Seconds

Trump took his act on the road to Tennessee, where he thrilled a conservative audience with an off-the-cuff routine that bordered on stand-up comedy.