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Officers Ask Map App To Remove Police Tracking

In the aftermath of the shooting death of two NYPD officers, law enforcement officials are asking the popular navigation app Waze to remove a feature that allows users to see officers' locations.

Benjamin E Mays high school

Some Students Barred From Basketball Game Due To Security

Some students were turned away from a high school basketball game in Atlanta amid heightened security. Only students accompanied by parents were allowed to watch.

Singing The Blues, A U.S. Envoy Hopes To Boost Ties With Ecuador

In South America, left-wing governments hostile to the U.S. are tossing out diplomats or shunning them entirely. In Ecuador, U.S. Ambassador Adam Namm is using music to do something about it.

Bomb squad and hollowed out grenade

Bomb Squad Investigating After Discovery Of Grenade In Residential Neighborhood

Police are investigating after they removed of what appeared to be a grenade from a neighborhood in Mountain Park, just northwest of Roswell.

Jordan Says It's Willing To Swap Prisoner For Hostage Held By ISIS

A video released by the Islamic militants demanded the release of the convicted terrorist within 24 hours, or two hostages a Jordanian military pilot and a Japanese journalist would be killed.

Georgia Travel Guide Revealed photo opp

Gov. Nathan Deal Unveils 2015 Georgia Tourism Guide

Officials unveiled the 2015 Georgia travel guide during an event at the Capitol recognizing the tourism industry's impact on the state.

Why Dump Treated Wastewater When You Could Make Beer With It?

An Oregon company has developed a high-tech process for turning sewage into pure drinking water. Now it's asking the state for permission to give its recycled water to a group of home brewers.

Group Urges Swedes To Evade Subway Fares, And Even Insures Against Fines

Fare-dodging in Stockholm's system has become a movement, and the group's members don't try to hide what they're doing in fact, they advertise it.

Homeless Man Encourages Others On The Streets To 'Get Up'

Tony Simmons is a former heroin addict and drug runner who had been in and out of jail. Today, he helps many of Baltimore's 3,000 homeless residents with housing guidance, advice and hugs.

Mexico Officially Declares 43 Missing Students Dead

Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto said the events of Ayotzinapa "forces the country to change" toward a "just and free Mexico."