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British Umbrage Greets Decision To Have French Firm Make Famed Medals

In Britain, it's being called an outrage. In France, one story about the new contract starts with the sentence, "Admiral Nelson must be turning in his grave."

At A School For Kids With Disabilities, The Ski Team Hits The Slopes

The Massachusetts Hospital School's 85 students have serious, long-term health conditions. But that doesn't keep them from sports like skiing.

Strategies For When You're Starting Out Saddled With Student Debt

More people have more student loan debt than ever; last year, the average for a college graduate was more than $35,000. Here are some ways to set priorities for attacking that debt.

New York Judge Sides With Apple In Another Legal Faceoff With The Government

Though not binding on other courts, the decision cuts against the same law that the FBI is using to compel Apple's help in unlocking an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Reporting On The Zika Virus Means Getting Up Close And Personal

A visit to a Brazilian virology laboratory at the epicenter of the Zika outbreak gives a reporter a close encounter with the mysterious virus that has triggered a global health emergency.

When Coal Companies Fail, Who Pays For The Cleanup?

The U.S. coal industry is fading. As more companies declare bankruptcy, they may not be able to pay for land restoration projects and taxpayers could be left with the cleanup bill.

Clarence Thomas Speaks: After A Decade, Questions From The Quiet Justice

Thomas actually passed the 10-year mark of silence during oral arguments earlier in the month. But that moment was largely overlooked amid the coverage and controversy surrounding Scalia's death.

Oklahoma Commission Declares Workers' Comp Alternative Unconstitutional

State regulators say opt-out plans don't include benefits required by state law. Also, the Department of Labor has begun looking at whether these plans in Oklahoma and Texas violate federal law.

New Study Makes The Case For A Zika Virus Link To Guillain-Barre

Researchers say Zika virus should be added to the list of diseases that cause Guillain-Barre syndrome, a neurological condition that's been rising in areas with Zika transmission.

Advertising Company Will Use Its Billboards To Track Passing Cellphones

Clear Channel Outdoor one of the largest U.S. outdoor advertising companies says its program tracks consumer behavior using "anonymous aggregated data from consumer cellular and mobile devices."