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Clarence Thomas Speaks: After A Decade, Questions From The Quiet Justice

Thomas actually passed the 10-year mark of silence during oral arguments earlier in the month. But that moment was largely overlooked amid the coverage and controversy surrounding Scalia's death.

Oklahoma Commission Declares Workers' Comp Alternative Unconstitutional

State regulators say opt-out plans don't include benefits required by state law. Also, the Department of Labor has begun looking at whether these plans in Oklahoma and Texas violate federal law.

Advertising Company Will Use Its Billboards To Track Passing Cellphones

Clear Channel Outdoor one of the largest U.S. outdoor advertising companies says its program tracks consumer behavior using "anonymous aggregated data from consumer cellular and mobile devices."

Boston's Heroin Users Will Soon Get A Safer Place To Be High

Set to open within a few weeks, the room will not be a place to inject drugs or get high, say health providers. Instead, a nurse will monitor heroin users as they come down from the drug's effects.

In Social Media Battle, Real Estate Mogul Takes On Chinese Government

China's Internet authorities have shut down all social media accounts of Ren Zhiqiang, a sharp-tongued real estate mogul compared by some in China to Donald Trump.

Our 'Golden Mole' Winner Used To Paint Wasps For A Living

NPR's Skunk Bear blog received 300 nominations for our Golden Mole Award for Accidental Brilliance. We have a winner: Elizabeth Tibbetts found her luck, and scientific insight, in tiny insect faces.

Super Tuesday: Margins Matter In These Key States

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are expected to roll to victories in the South, leaving their rivals trying to scrape for wins elsewhere on the biggest voting day of the year so far.

Demolition Of Timbuktu's Cultural Sites Spurs War-Crimes Trial At The Hague

"Humanity's collective conscience was shocked by the senseless destruction of its common heritage," a prosecutor says. "Words of condemnation are not enough."

Scott Kelly Reflects On His Year Off The Planet

During his 340 days aboard the International Space Station, the astronaut documented his time there with hundreds of photos. Kelly says the perspective makes him feel like an environmentalist.

FBI Chief And Apple's Top Lawyer Head Into First Encryption Hearing

As Apple challenges the FBI's request to help unlock an iPhone, all sides are urging Congress to settle the ongoing dispute over the law enforcement investigators' access to encrypted data.