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Thursday, August 21, 2014 - 6:10pm

Obama, Washington Hot Topics In The David Perdue And Michelle Nunn Senate Forum

U.S. Senate Candidates Michelle Nunn and David Perdue met on the same stage together for the first time in Macon Thursday. And both Nunn and Perdue spent plenty of time tying each other to political leaders in Washington.

During the one-hour forum, Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn repeatedly linked David Perdue to Republican inaction in Congress. One opportunity she was used was immigration reform.

“David embraces what I believe is the attitude of gridlock in Washington that has not enabled us to get this done,” said Nunn.

Perdue responded not by challenging Nunn’s characterization or defending congressional Republicans, but criticizing the President.

“Well I think the fact that implied amnesty is on the table is one reason we have the debacle on the border today,” said Perdue. “That’s been this President’s position all along and I disagree with that.”

The Republican Senate candidate spoke out against Obama’s signature policy achievement -- the Affordable Care Act, calling it unfixable and promising to work to repeal it.

“This goes against the grain of our American Heritage,” said Perdue. I think we proved in the 1980s that a free enterprise society has a leg up on one that has a managed economy. When we brought down the Soviet Union with the strength of our economies, the power of our ideas.”

Nunn instead said she would work to improve it.

“I ask you do we really want to be having this argument about the ACA in six years? Can’t we actually work together and work together and build on some of things that are working?”

In her closing comments, Nunn asked again for Congressional cooperation.

“Again I think it takes statesmen who work across the aisle, people who are going to embrace partnership in getting things done.”

Perdue concluded his statements warning that Michelle Nunn would be less than bipartisan.

“If you like what’s going on in Washington, vote for my opponent, because she knows she’ll be nothing more than a proxy for Barack Obama and Harry Reid, and nothing will change.”

The meeting was the first in a series of Middle Georgia forums for both candidates who have roots in the area. They meet again in a forum in Perry in about a month.

SLIDESHOW: Perdue, Nunn Senate Forum