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Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 9:00am

And Now For Something Completely Different: Spider Invades BBC Telecast

Updated: 1 year ago.
A spider made a surprise appearance during a live update from BBC Scotland's Graham Stewart Wednesday.

A BBC TV report on a Scottish cultural festival was upstaged Wednesday by a spider that had spun its web across the camera's lens. When a bug began struggling in the web, the spider came out to do what spiders do.

The arachnid made quick work of the bug and retreated back off-camera but not before it surprised viewers and entertained many on Twitter and elsewhere.

Depending on your perspective, the "giant" spider seemed equal to the size of news anchor Graham Stewart's head or about the length of the middle span of one of downtown Glasgow's bridges over the River Clyde, in the background.

Commenting on the photobomb on Twitter, Stewart wrote, "Never mind the pandas: giant hungry spider invades Reporting Scotland at breakfast time!"

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