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Friday, July 18, 2014 - 1:03pm

At Mi Casa, Your Casa, Visitors Create Their Own Definition Of Home

What does home mean to you? That’s the question behind a new interactive exhibit at theHigh Museum in Atlanta

On the piazza, or open plaza, outside of the High a team of museum employees and volunteers bolted together the frames of what look like giant, red Monopoly houses without walls.

The 40 structures make up the High Museum’s Mi Casa, Your Casa installation—the brain child of Mexican designers Hector Esrawe and Ignacio Cadena.

“They conceived it as a blank canvas. I mean, the idea is, it’s 40 houses, but the intention is to make it a home,” said Sarah Schleuning, the curator of decorative arts and design for the High Museum.

She said the idea was to “activate” the space between the museum and the other buildings on the Woodruff Arts Center campus.

For Cadena, that means inviting people to interact with the art without pushing buttons or touching a screen.

“Interactive, what’s that? That the piece would change according to who’s using it. So, if there’s a bunch of kids using it, it will become like more playful,” said Cadena. “If there’s adults just contemplating, it will become different. The personality of the piece will really change. So, I think that’s the whole point of it.”

He said the goal of the exhibit is to get visitors to engage the structures, completely unplugged.

“We really wanted to find the poetry of just simple things,”Cadena explained. “So, interaction, it’s more about human interaction than technology at all.”

The current exhibit features a hammock hanging inside of each house, but soon, that will change. Schleuning said the museum will rotate in chalk, bubbles and other fun elements over the next four months.

Mi Casa, Your Casa runs through November 2nd and is free to the public.

Wondering how the High Museum team built Mi Casa, Your Casa? Take a look behind the scenes:

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