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Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 11:42am

Shopping Scott Antique Market, 'America’s Favorite Treasure Hunt'

Persian rugs, a civil war era surgical kit, and paintings are just a few of the items visitors can find just a short drive south of Atlanta to Scott Antique Market.

With 3,500 exhibition spaces inside two climate-controlled buildings and even more dealers outside, Scott’s is the world’s largest monthly antique show.

In June, GPB’s On the Story stopped by to find out why it’s been “America’s Favorite Treasure Hunt” for thirty years.

Don Scott, owner of Scott Antique Market, says when customers find a treasure they really like, they shouldn’t hesitate to buy it on the spot.

“If you know it is a great buy and you know it’s a great item and you want to have it and it is priced within your range, I learned never to walk away from it.”

Shopping for antiques or “antiquing” -- to use the trendy term-- is a popular hobby. So when does “antiquing” turn into “hoarding”? Scott says the difference comes down to value.

“People have accused me of being a hoarder, but I’ve listened very carefully to the definition of hoarding,” said Scott, “A hoarder is a person who has the desire to acquire items --and I’ll underline-- even if they have no value.”

Interested in hunting for your own treasures? See what Scott Antique Market has to offer the second weekend of every month at the Atlanta Exposition Center

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