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Monday, May 26, 2014 - 1:00am

A Tale of Two Cities at Cherry Tree

This week, The Cherry Tree Listening Project is a tale of two cities. Monday, we hear from a woman whose experience living in Cherry Tree was nothing short of hell-ish. Then, we meet a family (mom, dad and 6 kids) who describe their 15-plus year in the complex as idyllic…with a few notable exceptions.

Monday 5/26/14: Renee Green moved into Cherry Tree as part of her plan to complete her college education. Lower housing costs meant she could work part time, and become a full time student. However, she didn't plan on repeatedly being a victim of crime in her own home. Here's a preview of her story.

Cherry Tree Listening ProjectTuesday 5/27/14: Herman & Lanie Golden have been together since middle school. They're married now, and have 6 healthy, intelligent, well-rounded children. All of the kids were raised in Cherry Tree, where they've lived since the late 1990's. Their take on what Cherry Tree was like for a family with young children will likely surprise you. Click here for a preview.

Wednesday 5/28/14: Herman, Corey and Ashley are teenagers. They grew up in Cherry Tree Crossing with their mom, dad, and three younger siblings. Their memories of their childhood are idyllic, but for a few very disturbing exceptions. Listen to a preview of their story.

Thursday 5/29/14: Growing up in a place like Cherry Tree Crossing impacts your values. The Kennedy Golden Children are all excellent students, healthy, and well adjusted, yet their views on some members of the criminal element in their community might just surprise you. Click here for a preview.

Friday 5/30/14: In this, the final segment of The Cherry Tree Listening Project, Lanie Golden and her daughter Ashley talk about their bonds, and how growing up in the socio-economic climate of a notorious public housing project impacted their relationship. Listen to a preview here.