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Monday, May 19, 2014 - 12:00am

A Brooklynite Experiences Culture Shock at Cherry Tree

This week on The Cherry Tree Listening Project, we focus in on the story of one woman who had a unique perception of Cherry Tree. Teresa Bowman is 69 years old. She’s a native of Brooklyn New York. She wasn’t raised in Public Housing - in fact she’d never lived in public housing prior to moving into Cherry Tree a few years ago. Her friends warned her that she was in for some culture shock, and they were correct.

Monday 5/19: Teresa Bowman moved into Cherry Tree after more than 6 decades living outside of Public Housing. For her, it was culture shock. This week, she shares her story for The Cherry Tree Listening Project. In today’s edition, she shares some early observations about how law enforcement views public housing residents. Listen to a preview.

Tuesday 5/20: In the midst of the sometimes chaotic surroundings, Teresa Bowman found some reasons to smile during her years in Cherry Tree: The Children. In today's edition of The Cherry Tree Listening Project she talks about the joy they brought to her life. Listen to a preview.

Wednesday 5/21:"Who Lives Like This???" That is the question 69-year-old Brooklyn NY native Teresa Bowman asked after moving into Cherry Tree. She says friends warned her that she was walking into something she'd never experienced before, but the reality was still shocking for her. Take a listen to a preview of today’s segment.

Thursday 5/22: Teresa Bowman is a woman who speaks her mind. And, when it came to sharing her thoughts about the office staff that ran Cherry Tree Crossing, she was nothing short of blunt. Preview some straight talk from Ms. Bowman here.

Friday 5/23: As Property Manager and Assistant Property Manager at Cherry Tree Crossing, Chantra Williams and Beatrice Ramos had tough jobs. Not only did they have to run "the business side" of the complex, but they often found themselves in the role of counselor, big sister, auntie, or even grandmother to some of the residents who needed a guiding hand. Here's a preview of their story.

The Cherry Tree Listening Project is a multi-part series, produced by GPB-Augusta in Collaboration with The Greater Augusta Arts Council.

It airs weekdays in May during “Morning Edition” at 7:35a.m. and during “All Things Considered” at 5:44p.m. on 90.7FM WACG/GPB-Augusta.

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