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Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 1:00pm

Georgia Board of Regents Votes To Increase College Tuition In The Fall

Georgia’s Board of Regents voted Tuesday afternoon to raise tuition at the state’s public colleges.

Starting in the fall, students at most schools will pay 2.5 percent more each semester. That’s between $32 and $85, depending on the school.

Students say it will be tough to pay more. Armstrong Atlantic State University freshman Adrian Wyatt says to afford higher tuition, he might have to cut back the 16 credits he’s taking this semester.

“I might only have to be able to take twelve, or less than that, depending on how much they increase it,” said Wyatt.

Armstrong Atlantic State University nursing student Sherry Allen says small tuition hikes every year can add up.

“Although it may not seem so noticeable,” Allen said, “When you look back you realize it has increased and you realize how much loans you had to take out and how much extra you had to take out, it really does add up.”

The tuition hike will be higher at the state’s research universities: 9 percent for Georgia Tech,7 percent for University of Georgia, and 4 percent for Georgia State and Georgia Regents University.