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Friday, March 21, 2014 - 2:59pm

Georgia Legislative Session Ends On A Hectic Note

At midnight Friday morning the gavel went down in Atlanta marking the end of Georgia's 2014 legislative session.

Macon state Representative Allan Peake suffered a tough defeat. His medical marijuana bill never got a final vote. Meanwhile, Macon state Senator David Lucas celebrated a big victory.

It was an emotional, hectic push to the finish line. The Telegraph’s statehouse reporter Maggie Lee was there and said "The last couple of hours are always frantic, unruly and tempers start to get very short when bills that you've been working on start to stall. Lawmakers get emotional."

There are a number of bills that will affect Middle Georgians. Under the state constitution Georgia must pass a balanced budget every year. "The amount of money that Georgia spends on things like schools is tied to the economy and the economy is starting to pick back up." The budget this year sends more money back to education.

Medical marijuana was a hot topic of debate in the legislature this session. Lee says as the clock ticked through the final hours of the annual state legislative session, state Rep. Allen Peake launched a last-minute but ultimately unsuccessful plan to pass his medical marijuana bill.

“For these families, their reality is ... a child who is going to have one hundred seizures tomorrow,” said Peake, R-Macon, author of House Bill 885, which would have decriminalized possession of a liquid medicine derived from cannabis that’s used to treat pediatric seizures.

But in the last hour of this year’s session, the Senate failed to take up the medical marijuana issue for a final vote.