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Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 11:39am

Macon Legislator's Bill To Stabilize Neighborhoods Undergoing Revitalization

Macon state Representative James Beverly is pushing legislation designed to keep low income people in their homes.

Property values have risen in places like Macon’s Beall’s Hill community, which means higher property taxes.

Beverly doesn’t want the people who built the community to be left behind. He describes them as neighborhood stabilizers.

"They make sure crime is down, make sure property is taken care of, they’re taking care of their property. We don’t want to lose all of the community flavor that we have," said Beverly.

If approved by Bibb County voters in a referendum, the first $30,000 of a house’s value would not be subject to property tax if the owner makes less than $30,000 annually and the house is worth less than $85,000.