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Thursday, January 30, 2014 - 6:55am

Tips For Driving On Ice From Clayton Scott, Chatham County's Emergency Management Director

Coastal Georgia hasn't been nearly as hard-hit by the winter storm as Atlanta, but emergency managers say residents should still avoid going out.

That's because of ice - which can star as freezing rain and sleet, and then re-freeze as temperatures drop.

Living in the South might condition you to endure some pretty serious summer heat...but driving on ice may not be a skill you've honed. The safest advice is just to stay home.

Clayton Scott, Chatham County’s Emergency Management Director, says the storm has been much milder in the Savannah area than he’d feared, but black ice is still a threat. That's because, like the name suggests, you can't see it.

He spoke with GPB Savannah Bureau Chief Sarah McCammon about how to drive on ice - if you must.

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