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Friday, January 17, 2014 - 1:30pm

What's Inside This Mystery House In North Carolina?

Updated: 3 years ago.
A close look at this house at 3215 Wade Ave. in Raleigh, N.C., suggests not all is as it seems. There isn't a driveway, for instance, and there's no walkway to the front door.

From the outside, it's nothing special. Just another 1970s-era house with a landscaped yard, white columns, and green shutters. Thousands of people drive past the split-level on Wade Avenue in Raleigh every month, without a second glance.

And that's just what its owners intended because this house is far more unusual than its appearance would suggest.

You can learn the unexpectedly amazing truth about "the house at 3215 Wade Avenue" from NPR member station WUNC. We won't spoil it for you here, but the station's Eric Mennel got to the bottom of things in a recent interview and story that he says had its roots in a post on Reddit.

As Mennel says, a closer look gives us some clues that not all is as it seems. There isn't a driveway, for instance. There's no walk leading up to the front door. And despite the fact that it never seems to have its lights on or maybe because of the sense of oddness the house emanates it's never been vandalized.

Mennel shot a video (below) at the strange house that's around 15 minutes from downtown Raleigh. It tells some of the story. You can read more at WUNC's site.

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