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Thursday, November 28, 2013 - 5:00am

Coastal Food Bank Finds Itself In Need (Of A Freezer)

As food banks grapple with increased needs around the Thanksgiving holiday, one food bank on Georgia's coast is contending with an unforeseen hardship.

America's Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia is raising money to replace a damaged freezer.

Winds from a Labor Day weekend storm collapsed the food bank's roof.

That damaged a freezer containing a million pounds of food.

Most of the food was saved.

And insurance was able to pay for most of the damage.

But now America's Second Harvest has a $150,000 deductible to pay.

Food bank director Mary Jane Crouch says the expense comes just as needy families are getting less in food stamp benefits.

"This past month we distributed about 100,000 pounds of food more than we normally distribute during the need," Crouch says. "So we are seeing a big increase in need."

Crouch says the non-profit can't borrow to pay the deductible.

"It is a time when people think about what they don't have, and what are they going to do and what's the outcome of their life going to be," Crouch says. "So, if we can just be one more resource to help them make sure that food isn't one of their issues, that's what our goal is."

America's Second Harvest has started a fundraising campaign to replace the freezer.

The non-profit was able to save the turkeys inside.

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