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Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 2:55am

Middle Ga. Weekend: 'Come On Down' To The Macon City Auditorium

Macon DJ Roger Riddle and Y-O Latimore of Poetic Peace Arts join us to talk about fun things to do in Middle Georgia over the weekend and beyond.

Roger's picks for Nov. 21:

When I was a kid and I ended up having to stay home from school, the best part of it was that I ended up watching The Price Is Right. It was bright, loud, and fun!

I wanted to play the games. My favorite was Plinko. I wanted to spin the Big Wheel! I was sure I could get it to land on $1.00 if I just had a chance.

And I knew I could figure out the Showcase Showdown I just needed to get the showcase with the car and the boat and not the one filled with furniture.

I could just hear my name being called followed by “COME ON DOWN! YOU'RE THE NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT!”

Well, they have taken everyone's favorite daytime game show on the road and it is making a stop here in Macon at City Auditorium this Friday. Tickets are $46.90 and $57.20 and are available through Ticketmaster. The fun starts at 7:30 p.m.!

Every year Allman Brothers fans and music lovers get together in Central City park to celebrate the life and music of Duane Allman.

Of course we all know the sound of Duane Allman's guitar helped to bring life to a genre of music we all now know as southern rock. They say you can hear southern rock being born in the guitar solo Duane Allman played on Wilson Pickett's version of “Hey Jude”. We've all been hooked ever since.

This Sunday a great line of musicians will pay tribute to this great guitarist in front of a crowd that keeps getting bigger every year.

This year's emcee is one of the biggest Allman Brothers, southern rock, and music fans I know, Kyler Mosley. He'll be joined by musicians like , Boogie Chillin, Bo Ponder, Chance Royal, Paul Hornsby and many others.

The organizers of Skydog 67 ask that you bring 10 canned goods as admission to this year's event. The canned goods will go to benefit the Macon Rescue Mission. The event kicks off, this Sunday, Nov 24, at noon and goes until 5 p.m.


Y-O's picks for Nov. 21:

There's this band called Long Miles from the outskirts of Philadelphia who will be playing Friday in Milledgeville at Amici's Cafe. Their music is not ordinary. They mix rock with reggae, soul, hip hop and funk.

The Long Miles band also has what's called a jam style. Their lyrics are very poetic, and the music tops it off. Some of their sounds are smooth tracks for listening and others are rhythmic for dancing.

They started out by producing their own LP under the name of 405 Productions in 2009 in a college dorm. Right now, Long Miles is pushing their albums called A Philadelphonic EP and Shades which was produced in 2012.

Their stop in Milledgeville places them well over half way of their current tour which has 11 stops.

They'll be performing live at Amici's Cafe, 101 W. Hancock Street in Milledgeville, Friday at 10 p.m.

Growing up in the south consists of eating syrup that doesn't come from the store.

Oh, and those store-bought biscuits existed. However, we take a little flour, shortening, baking powder and milk to make those homemade biscuits.

Now, back to the syrup. Cane Syrup Day is the Saturday before Thanksgiving. That's Saturday!

And guess what? You can take the family to watch a mule-powered mill squeeze the sugar cane. Then, they'll cook the juice in a huge pot.

All the while you can witness blacksmith demonstrations, eat free barbeque and listen to bluegrass.

It's all free at Dauset Trails, 360 Mount Vernon Road in Jackson.


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