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Monday, November 11, 2013 - 3:19pm

Will Olympic Trials Come To Georgia?

A committee from the USA Diving organization made its second and final visit to Georgia Tech on Monday. The five member panel is deciding whether Atlanta or Indianapolis will host the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Diving for the 2016 Summer Games. The athletes chosen at the trials will compete for the U.S. in Brazil.

Indianapolis has hosted the last four Olympic Team Trials, and that’s where the USA Diving organization is based. But the committee is considering having the trials at Georgia Tech, where the 1996 Summer Olympic Aquatic events were held.

David Burgering was the 2008 coach for the US Summer Olympic diving team and he is a member of the committee making the decision. He says Atlanta’s facility was strong in 1996, and since the pool at the Georgia Tech Recreation Center has been remodeled, it is even better. In 1996, the pool was outdoors. Now it’s under roof.

He praised Georgia organizers for doing a great job of putting on swim meets. If Atlanta wins the U.S. Olympic Trials Burgering says it would bring back recognition to the aquatic community. “And hopefully get the community like we have Coca-Cola and AT&T helping revive the sport here at the trials and as a partner here with Georgia Tech. So hopefully that will just grow and create a bigger atmosphere for the community.” He points out that a lot of Georgians won’t be able to travel to Brazil in 2016 to watch the Summer Olympics, so the team trials would give them a chance to see the best America has to offer in person. “This would be the way, if you love the sport of diving or if you love aquatic sports, to see the athletes that will represent the United States in the sport of diving at the Olympic Games. So when you’re watching it on TV, you can say ‘Hey I saw this event. I saw this diver. I met this diver, or look I got a picture of me and them or whatever.”

Linda Paul, CEO of the USA Diving organization, says they want the Olympic Trials to be a real family event. And she praises Atlanta for all the attractions available to families.
The committee will announce on December 11th which city will host the Olympic Team Trials for Diving.

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