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Monday, November 4, 2013 - 3:11am

Watching Oprah Lovefest Was Man’s Weirdest Macon Moment

Macon is a place where strange things happen, and most people can tell you a story about the weirdest thing they ever saw.

Everett Verner saw it on his lunch break while sitting outside the Cox Capitol Theatre. It was Friday, Nov. 16, 2007.

“Out of nowhere, women started flying, running, like bumping into each other out of the front doors” of the theater, Verner recalled.

The women were wearing what he calls “ugly teacher vests.” He later learned there was a teachers event at the theater.

“They all started running across the street, stopping cars with their hands.”

Other people began streaming onto Second Street from neighboring blocks, creating a “flash mob” of sorts in front of the former Karla’s Shoe Boutique.

Then, a fancy car pulled up to the store -- and Oprah Winfrey jumped out.

“This mob parted as if it were the Red Sea for Moses, and Oprah just slowly moseyed into Karla’s and disappeared behind the mob that closed in behind her.”

But Verner never even got up from his chair.

“Running from two blocks away just to catch one glimpse of Oprah from 10 feet away didn’t seem like a very worthwhile endeavor or a reason to run in front of traffic,” he said.

“But you know, to each his own.”

Do you have a weird story to share?

We want to hear about the weirdest thing you ever saw in Macon as part of an ongoing series we’ve called Macon in the Mirror.

The project is being produced through a partnership involving Mercer University's Center for Collaborative Journalism, Georgia Public Broadcasting and The Telegraph. The goal is to examine the community and convey your stories, passions and concerns.

In the first phase of Macon in the Mirror, we asked about your frustrations and worries as well as why you live here, what you like about living here and what misconceptions others might have about the area where you live. We interviewed nearly 600 people and those findings were presented in September in a series of stories, pictures, audios and videos.

This time we want to get a little more personal.

If you are interested in sharing your weirdest moment, please contact us at 478-250-9629 or email us at