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Monday, October 7, 2013 - 1:00am

Walking Dead Brings New Life To GA Town

Updated: 3 years ago.
GPB file photo: scene from "The Walking Dead"

When the cotton mill closed, Grantville began a slow transformation into a ghost town. Residents fled. Storefronts faded. Buildings decayed.

But filming of the popular TV show "The Walking Dead" has renewed interest in the rural Georgia town and the ruins of its old buildings.

Several key scenes in one episode were filmed on and near a one-block stretch of Grantville's Main Street.

Mayor Jim Sells said that once that episode aired in March, tourists began showing up from as far away as Australia, Singapore and Brazil.

Sells now leads a free tour each week for fans of the show. So far, more than 3,600 people have taken it.

The series' fourth season premieres October 13 on AMC