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Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 3:36pm

A Call To Halt The Macon-Bibb Elections

One of the candidates running for a commission seat in Macon and Bibb County’s first consolidated government wants the election halted.

Early voting is currently underway, but according to the Board of Elections 17 voters were given the wrong ballots and cannot re-vote. Nearly 800 people who should vote in District 3 were mistakenly placed in District 2.

Macon City Councilwoman and District 3 candidate Elaine Lucas says she has written a formal letter to the Bibb County Board of Elections to stop the race and bring in an outside agency to audit the system to make sure voters are placed where they should be. "If it’s not halted now, then it can be contested later, because if someone loses by the 17 votes of folks who voted in the wrong district there will be a court challenge so why not go ahead now, stop the thing, get it right and then you restore confidence in this whole elections process."

Meanwhile, Lucas’ opponent, former Bibb County Board of Education member Terry Tripp is not as worried. "I think we’re going to be okay and I’m putting my faith in the people at the Board of Elections. 17 votes, I just hope it’s a bigger margin than that and then we won’t have to worry about that at all."

Lucas says the election should be moved to November to allow the Board of Elections to make corrections.

Lucas and other Democrats have been pushing for a November election all year, saying that African American turnout is likely to be lower any other time.

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