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Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 11:56am

Is This The Braves' Year? Maybe

It’s the end of August, and that often means one thing: the Atlanta Braves are in playoff contention. That’s the case this year. But team general manager Frank Wren told the Atlanta Press Club Wednesday, it’s not always the top team that makes it to the World Series.

For a Braves fan, it’s the best of times. The Braves have the best record in all of baseball.

But in a few weeks, it could be the worst of times. The team has made it to the playoffs most years since 1991. But it’s only won one World Series, in 1995.

Often the team ends a great season with a poor performance in the post-season games.

Wren said timing is key.

“I think there were years we clinched way too early,” he said. “We clinched so early that we lost that edge. And you’re always worried about that.”

He said often a team will catch fire in the post-season. And if the team plays well in the end of September and October, it may win the top spot even though it’s not the best team.

This year, injuries have plagued many of the team’s top players. That includes pitcher Tim Hudson and second baseman Dan Uggla.

Braves fan Monty Baldwin attended the press club event along with his colleagues from the Waffle House. He marvels at how Wren has managed the team without many of the marquee players.

“The injuries have been a big part of it. How many times can you keep filling the holes the way he has done?” he said in an interview after the event. “It’s pretty amazing what they’ve been able to do.”

Baldwin, in fact, is pretty optimistic. When asked how the season will end, he doesn’t hesitate.

“Oh we’re going to win the World Series,” he said, with a chuckle.

Wren also thinks this year will be different. For Braves fans, they sure hope so.

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