Wed., August 14, 2013 6:38pm (EDT)

Bibb Dems Try To Oust Elections Rep
By Leah Fleming
Updated: 8 months ago

Macon, Ga.  —  
Bibb County Board of Elections vice chair, Steve Allen
Bibb County Board of Elections vice chair, Steve Allen
In Macon, a political drama has been playing out.

The Bibb County Democratic Party has been at odds with fellow democrat Steve Allen over upcoming non-partisan elections. Allen has sided with republicans in backing a September election. But his party wants a November vote. Allen is one of one of two appointed democrats to the Bibb County Board of Elections.

Allen says as Macon-Bibb get ready to consolidate now is the time for the democratic party to unify. " I want to see democrats strong, but we have to understand that we have to work for the community as a whole. I’m hoping that the consolidated election will be a good opportunity for the city and county democrats to come together."

Acting Democratic Party Chairwoman Sandye Powell says the party’s executive committee never gave formal approval of Allen when former Chairman Fred Swann reappointed him in the spring to the Board of Elections. Therefore, Powell said he does not represent them.