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Monday, July 29, 2013 - 10:12am

Bragg Jam Attendance Up Again

Organizers say the 14th annual Bragg Jam Arts and Music festival in downtown Macon set new attendance records over the weekend.

3,750 people attended, said organizer Everett Verner. "Last year we think there were around 3,500, and the year before that there were 3,200," he said. "So, [a] solid, steady increase over the last three years is how we're looking at it."

Middle Georgia's biggest night of live music began as an informal jam session in 1999, in which local musicians memorialized brothers Brax and Tate Bragg after they died in a car accident. Both were musicians from Macon.

This past Saturday, dozens of bands from around the region and the country performed across 15 venues in a single night.

Things went a lot smoother this year thanks to a centralized ticketing system, Verner said. Concertgoers all paid their $25 at a single tent. "Before, ticketing was at every single venue, and it just [created] a lot of liabilities with cash being all over town," he said.

Verner said they're still counting ticket revenue, but all proceeds will benefit the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail.

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