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Thursday, July 11, 2013 - 10:53am

A Level Playing Field For Minority Biz

The Macon City Council wants to level the playing field for local, minority and women owned businesses. Last year the council passed a revision to their purchasing code and instituted a 5 percent preference toward local businesses.

But by many accounts the numbers and the kinds of businesses coming forward to work with the city have been lackluster. So, the council has been working with Middle Georgia Black Pages Publisher Alex Habersham to identify and qualify these types of businesses. Habersham says there are several artisans who can do good work for the city, but lack knowledge of how to qualify for city contracts. “You have to be bonded, you have to have the proper licenses, you have to know how to bid competitively.”
Habersham is planning to have more training sessions and forums for these types of smaller businesses to get the education and exposure needed to seal a deal with the city.

Councilman Tom Ellington says when Macon and Bibb consolidate there will be a 3 ½ percent local preference toward local, minority and women owned businesses in the purchasing code.

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