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Monday, June 10, 2013 - 11:58am

Democrats’ Interim Chair Starts Work

Nikema Williams officially took over as interim Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia Monday.

Williams previously served as the party’s First Vice Chair, but was moved to the interim position after former Chairman Mike Berlon stepped down. Berlon’s resignation was effective Sunday.

Some members of the Democratic Party had asked Berlon, an attorney, to step down after he was publicly reprimanded by the State Bar of Georgia. Berlon was also dealing with a lawsuit filed against him by a client.

Steve Golden, President of Georgia’s Young Democrats, said Williams was the perfect choice to move the party past all the controversy.

“Obviously, we’ve gone through a bit of a rough patch recently and you know, I’m glad we’re getting out of that rough patch,” said Golden. “We need to move forward and I think that Nikema’s definitely a person that can do that and certainly, if not her, whoever the next state party chair, we really have to move past what we’ve dealt with over the past couple months.”

Williams has not said whether she will pursue the Chair position on a permanent basis.

“She doesn’t wait and she’s somebody that I’m incredibly positive that even if she only does this on an interim basis, we’re going to feel her impact in a very, very positive way,” Golden added.

Williams will serve as interim Chair until the party chooses a full time replacement for Berlon.

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