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Sunday, May 26, 2013 - 11:00pm

Students To Run State Owned Restaurant

Culinary students are taking over a money-losing state-owned restaurant on Jekyll Island.

College of Coastal Georgia will be sending chefs-to-be to the restaurant Fins on the Beach.

The college teamed up with Jekyll Island Authority to create a student operated restaurant for students to gain hands on experience in a real restaurant setting.

Eric Garvey of Jekyll Island Authority says the state agency had trouble operating the restaurant profitably.

"It currently loses money, actually," says Garvey. "For the Jekyll Island Authority this gives us an opportunity to just further our partnership with the college and get out of the restaurant business."

The college connection will take the profit pressure off the state.

College President Valerie Hepburn says this will ramp up the students' educational experience.

"They have to do everything," says Hepburn. "They have to order the supplies, design the menus, and produce great meals. They also have to manage the whole marketing aspect."

The program at Fins is expected to double the capacity of students entering the college's culinary program.