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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 12:57pm

Governor Rallies with Tea Party on IRS

Governor Nathan Deal spoke in front of dozens of Tea Party members at the State Capitol Tuesday afternoon.

The group held a rally to show their outrage over the recent Internal Revenue Service controversy. The IRS is accused of targeting Tea Party groups that applied for tax exempt status.

“I think too often when government oversteps its bounds, somebody simply resigns or somebody’s hand is slapped with the hope that the public will just forget about it,” Deal said to the crowd. “But I do say that you as citizens of the State of Georgia don’t have anything to worry about at the state level. We are not going to audit your tax returns nor anything else with regard to our power to tax based on who you voted for or what your political beliefs are.”

Deal said he felt it was important to display his support for activists like the Tea Party that keep government officials honest.

“This an unfortunate example where I do think the federal government through the IRS has overstepped its bounds and I think it’s important that citizens groups no matter what they might be, hold the government accountable for the use of their power,” explained Deal.

Kay Harris of Grayson said she attended the rally to make sure her voice was heard.

“We want to be peaceful demonstrators on behalf of the founding fathers of our country,” said Harris. “[The IRS] can target whoever they want to. They have unfettered access to all of our records. That’s wrong. That is just wrong. What do I hope is accomplished? I hope that we get back to smaller government, personal responsibility.”