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Monday, May 20, 2013 - 12:00pm

State DOT To Sell Surplus Land

State transportation officials are selling land they don't need to bring in more money.

The property sales also could put unused land back on the tax rolls of local governments.

The Georgia Department of Transportation routinely acquires land to build roads.

The surplus parcels for sale are often leftover from road projects that didn't make it to construction.

Agency spokeswoman Jill Goldberg says not all of the properties will be attractive to buyers.

"Most of these properties are relatively small, not useful pieces of land," says Goldberg. "And that's why you see that just in this examination of the forty plus counties, we were able to find a little over 9,000 properties. However, only about 1,600 really are of any use to anyone."

Goldberg says the parcels were chosen because they could be attractive to buyers.

"That means something that is at least a half an acre or more, has access from a roadway - so it can't be landlocked - and then has some economic value to it, some marketability."

The initial sale will include 11 parcels in the Atlanta area.

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