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Monday, May 6, 2013 - 7:15am

PHOTO: The Six-Story Rubber Ducky That's Gracing Hong Kong

Updated: 1 year ago.
That's one big duck floating in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor this month.

At least one YouTube prankster has posted video of the big yellow guy blowing up. (Rest easy, that hasn't really happened.)

But "tens of thousands" of other people came to Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor over the weekend to be charmed by a six-story tall rubber duck floating along a dock, says the South China Morning Post.

According to The Associated Press, "Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman created the bright-yellow duck, and it was built of PVC material in New Zealand by a company specializing in large sails. ... The duck has been transported around the world since 2007, bringing a message of peace and harmony. It has previously been to Osaka, Japan, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Auckland, New Zealand, and Amsterdam. It will be anchored at a Hong Kong terminal for display until June."

Of course, this reminds some of us of an old song one that might help make your day a bit brighter.

(H/T to NPR's Maureen Pao.)

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