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Monday, April 15, 2013 - 12:41am

Building A Movie Set In Macon

An aviation firm in Macon is turning a commercial jet into a movie set, hoping to lure more film and television production to Georgia. They are already getting calls from studios.

The front third of a Boeing 737 is being cut up at Middle Georgia Regional so filmmakers can shoot inside it. Henry Lowe, President of Lowe Aviation says this is a great business opportunity.

“There are not any full-size airline mock ups in the state that I know of.”he says.
Lowe wouldn’t say how much the project is costing him. But he does expect to turn a profit. He says he talked to a friend in California to see how to accomplish it.

Lowe says “It’s difficult to film inside a regular airplane because you can’t back up enough to make a shot across. So this one we can pull windows out of. We can take seats out of. The camera can shoot in from the outside. You can shoot the windows from the outside.”

Sam Hollis is supervising construction.

He says “It’s just trying to figure out how it was built and get in there and dismantle it so we can get the thing taken apart. It’s a lot of pieces and parts that were put together in layers as it was being built. And now we’re trying to unlayer it as we go back apart with it.”

Construction should be complete by May.

Lowe says they’ve already gotten a call from Universal studios about using it in a remake of Endless Love.

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