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Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 5:21am

City Struggles To Afford Pay Raise

Bird chirps of springtime also signify number-crunching at City Hall.

The budget process for fiscal 2014 is now underway, and the city golf course oversight board met Wednesday to hear how it will sustain a possible $50,000 budget cut, a result of adjustments to city employee salaries last year.

“They (the city) had an extra $1 million they were going to have to find, so every department is having to cut its budget,” said D.C. Childs, chairman of the Building Authority.

The authority oversees the International City Golf Course. Expenses for fiscal year 2014 are estimated at $523,000. The city transfers money from its general fund every year. For fiscal 2013, it was $150,000. That may decrease to $100,000 for fiscal 2014.

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