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Monday, April 1, 2013 - 1:00am

Booze Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

Officials in Athens are waiting for the governor to sign a change in state law that would allow stores to sell beer and wine closer to college campuses.

The bill that passed the state Legislature on its final day was designed to lure a grocery store to downtown Athens.

The location of the proposed development is located less than a football field's length from the University of Georgia campus.

That posed a problem because developers say a grocery store would insist on selling beer and wine. And current state law bans any package sales of alcohol within 100 yards of a college campus.

State lawmakers voted to change the law to allow beer and wine sales as long as the local government approves.

The Georgia General Assembly adjourned for the year shortly after midnight Thursday and will reconvene next January for an election-year session

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