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Friday, March 8, 2013 - 10:26am

Deadly Interstate Area Gets An Audit

Interstate 516 in Savannah is undergoing a safety audit after five fatal traffic accidents in the last 14 months.

Georgia's Department of Transportation engineers and local law enforcement are joining forces to find a solution.

Between Veteran's Parkway and the Montgomery Street intersection police have reported over a 100 accidents in the last year.

Savannah Traffic Engineering Director Michael Weiner requested help from the state's safety engineer.

"The idea is to get experts in the field not only from roadway engineers, but also from law enforcement, from various agencies and look at this problem as a group," says Weiner.

Fixing the problems with the area might require some changes.

"Well it could be a combination of advanced signing when there's rain," says Weiner. "Possibly lowering the speed limit signs with some electronic signing, some treatments in the median - a guard rail installation. There are different methods of addressing these problems."

The traffic issues extend to the stretch of road between Montgomery Street and Ogeechee Road as well.

The estimated number of accidents in that area is in the hundreds.

GDOT says that an audit is already underway.

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