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Monday, February 25, 2013 - 10:32am

Macon Reels From Devastating House Fire

Macon is reeling from a devastating house fire that killed three small children over the weekend.

The oldest of the siblings was only 10. A fourth child, the youngest, is listed in critical condition at a burn center in Augusta.

Investigators have not named a cause for the fire.

Steve Corkery, the lead psychologist for Bibb County schools, spent Monday providing grief counseling at the schools the children attended.

"It catches everybody off-guard," Corkery said. "Somebody that you just saw at school on a Friday is no longer there Monday morning."

Staff at the schools are easily as upset as the students, Corkery said.

"When you’re a teacher, when you’re working with children and bringing out the best in them and helping them develop, you become very attached. I don’t think 'love' is too strong a word to say at all. And when you lose one, it’s very tough," he said.

The blaze happened early Sunday morning. Firefighters say the children’s mother, Colethia Williams, was not at home when they arrived on scene. They say she appeared when they started to remove her children from the house.

Williams told reporters she had stepped out to go to a store and was only gone for 15 minutes.

Neighbors are planning a candlelight vigil for the family Wednesday evening.

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