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Friday, February 8, 2013 - 11:23am

Adairsville Turns To Rebuilding

The focus is turning from cleanup to rebuilding in Adairsville a little more than a week after a tornado touched down and wrecked parts of the town.

Volunteers are scheduled to gather again Saturday for one final push to remove the remaining debris so residents can begin to put their lives and homes back together.

Crews have hauled away more than 800 truckloads of debris so far.

Adairsville City Manager Pat Crook said the streets are clear. And while the city lost a 2 million gallon water tank, workers have been able to reroute water so everyone has service.

“What that’s done is it’s caused some fluctuations in pressure,” Crook said. “The users in this area of town are manufacturing companies, so there are some heavy users there. So there are peaks and valleys in the flow.”

Crook said gas leaks have popped up too. So the city is asking private volunteers and contractors to get a city demolition permit before tearing anything down. That prompts city inspectors to make sure gas is not flowing and it’s safe to work.

Meanwhile, Crook said the city is waiving building permit fees for a month so residents can start rebuilding.

Crook said it was clear at meeting earlier this week that the community has rallied around the 100 or so displaced families.

“It sounded like a lot of those folks are staying with family or with friends,” she said. “[I] spoke with one family that some of the elementary school teachers had put them in a motel.”

Organizers expect about a thousand volunteers for Saturday’s cleanup, about half of them college students from around the state.