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Monday, February 4, 2013 - 4:46am

Savannah Vaults Remain A Mystery

Archaeologists are trying to unearth clues about five large vaults beneath a Savannah street.

Past uses for the large vaults under Bay Street, known as Cluskey Embarkment Stores, remain a mystery.

Scientists are taking soil samples through a partnership between Georgia Southern University and the City of Savannah.

Luciana Spracher, director of the city's research library and municipal archives, said many believe the vaults were used to house slaves before they were auctioned but there's no proof of that.

What is known about the structures is that they were designed by architect Charles B. Cluskey as part of a city project to prevent erosion in the area and to raise the public walkway above it to be even with Bay Street in the 1840s.

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