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Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 9:45am

Bolivian President Says Venezuela's Chvez Is Working Toward Return

Bolivian President Evo Morales gave a positive status update on his ally Venezuelan President Hugo Chvez.

According to Bloomberg News, Morales said he was in communication with the ailing leader.

"I have good news that our brother comandante President Chavez is already in physiotherapy in order to return to his country," Morales is quoted as saying. "We hope to be alongside him at international events as we have always been."

As we've reported, Chvez, who is receiving cancer treatment in Cuba, was too ill to return home for his inauguration. Reports about his health have been sparse and lacking detail.

But reading the tea leaves, things seem to be looking up for Chvez. Yesterday, his foreign minister, Elias Jaua tweeted some more positive news about Chvez's health.

"Compatriots, I've just left a meeting with our President and commander Hugo Chvez," Jaua tweeted. "We shared jokes and laughed."

The AP reports that those two statements point to some improvement for Chvez. One of Chvez's brothers told the AP that everyone was "eager for his return" and it could happen within "days." The AP adds:

"The president hasn't been seen or spoken publicly since he left for Cuba on Dec. 10 for his fourth cancer-related operation.

"The president's younger brother said he recently saw and talked with Chavez in Havana, though he didn't specify when or say how the president looked. He said that Chavez remained in Cuba accompanied by his children."

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