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Monday, December 3, 2012 - 12:01pm

Why Is It So Warm?

It may be December, but it feels more like spring. Several cities across Georgia came close to record high temperatures Monday with highs in the 70's. Meteorologist Jason Hess with the National Weather Service in Jacksonville says the warmer weather is due to a high pressure system off the coast.

“And that kind of shields us from any cold air coming from the northwest behind any cold frontal passages. So that’s expected to kind of generally remain in place over the next seven to ten days.” he says.

State Climatologist Bill Murphey says it will keep our temperatures mild until a cold front heads in later in the week.
“Once that front gets here on Wednesday though, we should have a little drop in temps behind it. And then maybe a little wedge building up too, an east coast wedge, which gives us Atlantic flow conditions. And that will bring in a little cooler air toward the weekend.” Murphey says.

Hess say this year we aren’t under the influence of El Nino or La Nina, so it is harder to predict whether we’ll have a warm or cold winter.

“When one of those is not dominant in the Pacific, it does kind of leave it up to whatever the random nature more of the jet stream will do for that winter.”he says.