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Friday, November 23, 2012 - 3:02pm

After Black Friday, A Big Saturday

Walmart says no one was injured in a frenzy over a Black Friday deal at one of its South Georgia stores.

An online video shows shoppers pushing, yelling and grabbing boxes off shelves at a store in Moultrie.

The incident highlights what many small Georgia businesses regard as a downside of Black Friday.

Shoppers line up at big chain stores for deals on electronics while bypassing locally-owned shops.

Trying to lure shoppers to Columbus's downtown business area is Elizabeth Hurst of Uptown Columbus.

She's promoting deals, entertainment and more on so-called Small Business Saturday.

"We have decided this year to embrace Small Business Saturday and make an event out of it," Hurst says. "All of our businesses are in such a central location that we've decided, why not bring together everyone in the community and try to make something fun out of this day that promotes shopping?"

Ruel Joyner of the furniture store 24-E and Savannah Downtown Business Association says, the group there has decided to lure shoppers with something that might get them out of the malls and downtown.

"The Savannah Downtown Business Association has worked with the City of Savannah to provide a free parking card," Joyner says. "If you come in and you shop with us, we'll give you a card that's good for parking downtown in the garages. And also on the weekend, we have free parking, as well."

Garage parking is a big perk in the historic city's famed downtown.

The Chamber of Commerce is Rome also is embracing deals on so-called Small Business Saturday.

Lamonte Attaud of Tendo Technologies and the Rome Chamber's Small Business Action Council says word on sales and entertainment is slowly getting out.

"There was enough interest to continue it on to year two," Attaud says. "Now in year three, we're pushing the promotion a little bit harder. And we're hoping because, the issue is, with small businesses, which is kind of what I do, they don't know how to promote."

Small business groups say shoppers on Black Friday tend to line up for the biggest deals on big ticket items like TV's and computers typically found at the national chains.

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