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Friday, November 9, 2012 - 12:07pm

Tax Reform To Continue

Georgia lawmakers will tackle tax reform again in next year’s legislative session. But they will be drafting a bill that fixes some of the provisions from the tax overhaul they passed earlier this year.

This year’s bill waives the sales tax manufacturers pay on energy. It also changes car taxes.

But how officials implement those changes remains up in the air.

Speaking at a Georgia Chamber of Commerce event, House Majority Leader Larry O’Neal said the new tax law raises questions for taxpayers.

“If you have your office building next to your plant, is the power to heat your office where your administrative office -- your president your vice president and everybody -- is that part of the manufacturing process or is that part of the administrative process?" he said in an interview "It’s that much in the weeds when you go into some of these major policy changes the way we have.”

The new tax law will also enforce taxes on some online purchases.

O'Neal, a Bonaire Republican, said officials are waiting to see if the online retail giant will sue over that provision. It’s sued other states that have passed similar laws.

The provision is called E-Fairness and requires retailers that have a physical presence in Georgia to add sales taxes on purchases.

O'Neal said Amazon lost the other suits.

“We still hold out the hope that because of the precedent of them filing these suits they figured out they don’t win," he said. "But if it’s just a delay tactic, that’s another possibility. That’s why we implemented this in October to say, ‘You know put up or shut up because here we go.’"