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Friday, November 2, 2012 - 1:54pm

There's A Shortage Of Truck Drivers

The Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics this week released a report showing there is a growing shortage of truck drivers nationwide. The nation will need 115 thousand new truck drivers every year for the next few years, but only about 16 thousand drivers are being trained each year.

In Georgia, the Center estimates there will be 38 hundred openings each year, but only 2 thousand truck drivers are being trained here each year.

Matt Handtee, executive vice president of Tribe Transportation in Cleveland, Georigia says he is seeing a shortage of younger drivers.
“The demographics that makes up the age of our drivers are the late 40’s, early 50’s guy. And its’s tough to get the younger guys behind that wheel and away from home.”he says.

Dawn Cook, Vice President of West Georgia Technical College, says their truck driving program is one of their most popular.

“Particular to this program, we do tend to see middle to older age adults enrolled. But we do have some younger students that are sprinkled in there as well.”she says.

West Georgia Technical College offers truck driving programs at its campuses in LaGrange, Carrollton and Waco,
Cook says they heavily market the program.

Handte says he is looking to hire 200 truck drivers.“The transportation business is booming. We are set to enjoy a ten year stretch that I believe will be the best that we’ve ever seen in transportation.”

He says the recession eliminated a lot of trucking companies, so those left are seeing a big boost in their business.

Handte says as the economy picks up, demand for transporting goods is increasing.

The Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics says core transportation accounts for more than 54 thousand jobs in the state.