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Monday, October 15, 2012 - 1:56pm

Peach County Coroner Candidate Removed From Ballot

The Peach County Board of Elections voted Monday to remove a candidate for coroner from the ballot because of his criminal past.

Otis Lee Daniel Jr. acknowledges his 1976 felony conviction for receiving stolen property. But he argued the 1988 state pardon should make him eligible to run for office.

The board's attorney argued that Georgia law prohibits felons from holding certain offices, including sheriff and coroner, regardless of pardons.

Board chair Larry Pearce said they had no choice but to strike Daniel from the November ballot.

“We all don’t necessarily agree with it. There’s a lot of law I don’t agree with. But it is a law and we’re here to up hold it,” said Pearce.

Daniel said he plans to appeal the decision with hopes of having his candidacy restored before Election Day, November 6th.