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Thursday, October 4, 2012 - 12:00pm

GA Democrats: Obama Was A Little Rusty

Democrats and Republicans across Georgia are weighing in on Wednesday night’s political duel—the first debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. Even within his party, the President was largely viewed as cautious and missing opportunities to attack Romney on major issues. Mike Berlon, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia:

“I think he was a little rusty. I think on the substantive side of it, the President scored some pretty good points, but I think overall, the general impression most people walked away with was that Governor Romney did a better job overall and I would have to tell you that I probably agree on the form aspect of that.”

But Georgia Republicans aren’t setting up shop in the White House just yet. Sue Everhart, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party says the challenge will be getting voters to the polls:

“I just hope all Republicans hearing this will know it’s not a slam dunk, they’ve got to turn out, let’s keep the momentum going for Georgia and the rest of the nation.”

The debate tackled domestic issues like the economy and healthcare. Greg Domin, a political science professor at Columbus State University watched the debate with his students:

“The President came across as rather flat footed and on the defensive whereas Governor Romney came out seemed to have command of the facts, he was very aggressive in terms of getting his say in the debate, looking like he had leadership skills there as compared to the President.”

The next debate is scheduled for next Thursday in Kentucky.