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Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 11:46am

SACS Warning Letter To Clayton County

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is warning Clayton County school officials that the system’s accreditation is in jeopardy.

In a letter to Superintendent Ed Heatley, SACS said that reports of infighting and governance issues among school board members could, “ put the school system’s current and future accreditation in jeopardy.”

In 2008, Clayton County became the first school system in the country in nearly 40 years to lose accreditation. The system was reaccredited last year.

District Spokesperson David Waller says SACS will be visiting the school system in four months to determine if there is cause for an investigation:

“This is in no way saying that our accreditation is threatened or in danger again, it’s just expressing some concerns, and we don’t want to downplay it because we do take it very seriously, but this is far less serious than where we were four years ago.”

Two other Georgia school systems could face SACS sanctions. This week, a team finished reviewing the Dougherty County School System’s accreditation, and next week, SACS will visit DeKalb County Schools to investigate how its school board operates after numerous complaints.

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