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Monday, September 24, 2012 - 11:37am

Georgia SAT Scores Are Up

The SAT scores of Georgia’s 2012 senior class increased over last year, even as the national average decreased. That’s according to new data from the College Board’s SAT report.

Georgia students scored an average of 1452 on the SAT—up seven points from 2011. The national average was 1498, down two points from last year. The increases in Georgia scores were seen even as the rate of students taking the test increased.

State School Superintendant, Dr. John Barge, says there’s still work to do toward improving Georgia test scores:

“We’re pleased with that, and it’s certainly not where we want to stay, but we are absolutely headed in the right direction.”

According to the report, black and Latino students in Georgia are outperforming their peers across the country on the SAT. And 77 percent of Georgia SAT takers indicated they plan to apply for financial aid to attend college.

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