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Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 2:00pm

Russ To Become Uga IX

The University of Georgia this weekend will install an eight year old bulldog named Russ as the school's new official mascot.

For half a century, the dogs have hailed from one family in the coastal city.

Savannah attorney Sonny Seiler and now his son Charles have raised the dogs known simply as Uga.

Russ served two terms as interim mascot since the 2009 death of Uga VIII.

He first appeared at a Georgia game at the 2010 Liberty Bowl.

The elder Seiler says, the dog travels with the team and is beloved part of the larger university community.

He is the mascot. The mascot really says it all," says Seiler. "He's the go to guy. He is the symbol of the University. Other than the arch, his picture has been used more than any person or anything to identify with the University of Georgia."

Russ officially will become Uga IX in a "collaring" ceremony to take place at this weekend's homecoming game against Florida Atlantic University in Athens.